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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Yesterday a comment was made on RTS on an article that I have been thinking about all day.  I tried to answer it twice in the comment section, but realized that as more and more comments of a similar nature rolled in, that it was best to put the original question and my replies into an article for everyone to easily access.  And it gives us a space to discuss this topic in one area, instead of spread out among the many articles recently posted here.

The original question/comment is in black and my replies are in blue

Anonymous 11 December 2012 14:15

Me and others like Brando have been worried that nothing much is happening. Here's some valid questions for BTS/RTS and everyone else:

1. Why have we not seen any hard proof by now, yet we are so close to a "golden age?" Also could those prophecies be a hoax?

The cabal has done everything in their power to stop people from waking up: from manipulating the media, creating mind numbing, brainwashing control mechanisims like TV, movies, sports, music, paparazzi snapping pictures of hollywood and rock stars, to drugging us with vaccines, antidepressants, fluoride, gmo, and the promotion of zero nutrient fast foods, to physically blocking our waking with chemtrails, to political, religious and racial brainwashing.  They continue to do everything in their now meagre power to stop the explosion of information and truth. 

Could these prophecies be a hoax?  ALL of them?  No, I just cannot see that.  The back ground to these prophecies, as you call them, is too extensive.  The history, if you care to look deep enough, is too intricate and too ancient.  But do I know this for a fact?  No, I do not.

2. What will be the fate of humanity if nothing happens? Furthermore, could this whole ascension and Mayan prophecy be an elaborate hoax if nothing happens?

The fate of humanity if nothing happens is so dark that I don't care to think about it.  I don't dare to think about it.  As for ascension, I have no absolute answers: I'm not a guru, I'm not in contact with the astral planes or with 4th, 5th or 6th dimensional beings, I'm not privy to the deepest secrets of those that are working for us.  I know what I feel.  I know what intuitively know.  I know what makes sense to me in the thousands of hours of reading and researching that I've done.  I know that the Cabal's fight to stop this from happening stems from more than just financial gain- up until recently they had all the money in the world and all the power..... their fight isn't just to get more money and power- it's to STOP something from happening, something that would release their slaves into freedom.

The Cabals efforts to see into the future and to change the future - a la Montauk, looking glass, Philadelphia experiment etc- is because they KNOW what's coming and are desperate to try  and stop it. 
....THAT speaks volumes to me

3. Have your insiders shown you any proof or are you simply resonating to whatever they tell you? Can you be sure you aren't being fed disinfo?

I have been shown physical proof on occasion, when it's available/allowable.  I cross reference all intel with other sources and do not believe anything unless I can confirm it several times from different sources from very different areas.  Have I been fed bullshit before? Yep, many times.  Have I bought that bullshit?  Yep many times.... which is why I'm extremely cautious and cynical these days.  Can I be SURE I'm not being fed disinfo?  Nope.  but I do everything in my power to try my best to prevent it.

4. Do your insiders and other lightworkers know that if nothing happens, a lot of humanity will call the whole thing a hoax, ridicule you and stop reading your blogs?

Yes we do.  We know that our reputation will be ruined and that everything we've tried to tell people will be considered lies and a hoax.

5. Why are the elites still powerful enough to control humanity just days away from the "golden age?"

It took centuries (if not aeons  for the Cabal to get this powerful, the the fix is not an instantaneous thing.  HUGE things have happened and been accomplished. The bad guys may still pretend to be all-powerful, but it's just a very thin veneer and it's cracking everywhere.  I have thrown tantrums, cussed and sworn, threatened and begged.... but I do not know the timing- the ultimate timing of this unfolding.  THAT is the most closely guarded secret on the planet.

6. How can we help your insiders in the final few days before the deadline to improve the chances of bringing forth an event?

I have asked exactly this same question. the answer I've received is "We'll let you know when the time is right".  Right now the best way to help is to be the Wayshower that you already are.  Help the people who are sleeping to understand what is happening - especially when it suddenly all rolls out and they are left shocked, dazed and confused.  There will be a lot of people who will need serious emotional  help- spiritual help too.  Every lightworker will be needed to help the public.

7. Why do we call those who are remotely negative "trolls?" Don't they have the right to their opinions and beliefs too? Isn't their worries and fear legitimate?

Absolutely they have their right to their opinion, and those that openly discuss their negative ideas, or even worries, are always welcome to discuss their opinions on RTS.  I do not consider them trolls.  But those that come to post over and over "never gonna happen" and disappear without engaging in conversation or dialogue, those people are trolls.  Their comment is posted for one reason only- to get a rise out of others, because they feed on the negativity and attention. Or, they are disinfo agents. Anyone who is lashing out in fear, deserves our attention and our help, not to be ridiculed.

8. Are you worried that nothing will happen?

Yes.  I would be lying if I said never.  I have nights when I lay in bed, unable to sleep as I think and rethink every piece of intel, every piece of information, every word from sources.... I've questioned every source over and over in my mind- what if they are cabal? what if they are disinformationists? what if they really are just making it all up?  The thought that it's all a pipe dream scares me shitless occasionally.... when I'm depressed because yet another "deadline" has gone by and another threat hasn't come to fruition, another event hasn't  taken place.  That's human.  But the other 99% of the time, I know it will happen.

Thanks for your time, everyone. I have been worrying for months now, but recently just started growing numb. I don't know what to think any more. I keep reading more and more interesting rumours  but yet I see no hard proof of anything happening. Now I am hearing there will be some sort of "event" on(or just before) 12/21/12. I really hope this happens, but I don't feel optimistic any more and am looking for answers what's really going on and if things have taken a turn for the worse with all those delays. We all feel numb sometimes and the questioning and depression I think is normal, considering what we humans have gone through for the past centuries.

Proof of arrests, and massive changes- both political and financial - will come when the time is right.  I sure as hell wish I knew WHEN they plan on rolling it out.  But I don't, and neither does anyone else- we can make intelligent and intuitive guesses, we can do our best to sift through the intel to see what's really happening and when. ... but we don't know.

Personally, I do not hang my hat on the December 21, 2012 date.  I do not think that something abruptly and shockingly will "happen".  I hope it does!  But I think that the golden age of enlightenment will be a gradual wakening for the masses. That's just my opinion though, and like I said, I'm no guru nor am I even remotely beyond the 3D reality of which we're part of.  I am just me, doing whatever I can to help.


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