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Friday, 28 December 2012

We've talked about this topic for a while now in the comments of various articles here on RTS.  Everyone has their own opinion on the topic of "waking the sleepers". 

I thought it very timely that a good friend sent me this article this morning and we had a conversation on the topic- talking about how sometimes all it takes is a few words to suddenly open someone's eyes.

I have had the privilege of having several people enter my life that have guided my foot steps gently and a few that have very forcefully given me a good shove in the right direction. (Thank you Nicole).  

Some of the gentle guidance came from people posting a simple message on social media or a forum.  The first one I remember very clearly, was a woman who I barely knew posted a comment on a parenting forum that said "Do you know that there is antifreeze and formaldehyde in infant vaccines?"  To this day I can remember the stunned feeling I had when I read that. I immediately raced to the computer to look it up, mostly to refute it, and there is was..... confirmation from several sources that yes indeed those toxic chemicals are in infant and children's vaccines.  That lead me to researching other ingredients, and discovering other articles.... it steam rolled from there. 

I started researching everything on that very day, and I haven't stopped since then.  People have come along who've pushed me farther and faster, who've challenged my scope of view, who've forced me to question the limits I put on myself and the things that I thought were absolute truths.  I do not have even the smallest piece of anger or malice towards those people, no matter how painful some of the discoveries were.

Here's the thing:  would I be here today if some person I hardly knew hadn't of had the balls to post that information about vaccines?  What if that person had been too shy? Or didn't want to stir the pot?

Yes, given the fact that I'm damn sure my reason for being here at this moment in time is to be on this roller coaster ride, I probably would of woken up sooner or later, but.......?

Here's the thing, waking up the sleepers doesn't mean you have  scream at them and shake them so hard that they fall out of bed and give themselves a concussion!  It can mean just sticking your head in their room and quietly calling their name.  It can mean gently tapping them on the shoulder and telling them it's time to get up....

If your buddy has slept through his alarm clock and is going to be late for work, wouldn't you rather at least attempt to wake him up, instead of shrugging and walking away? .... if he throws the alarm clock at you and rolls over and goes back to sleep, that's his choice.  You made the effort to help him. 

As for me, I'm a loud mouth knowitall (ask my friends, they'll tell you).  When I know a truth, I have to share it.  I'm gentle. I'm not pushy (much). And if someone throws the alarm clock at me, I will just walk away and let them sleep. (for now).  But I cannot just ignore the fact that my friend has slept in too long.  Maybe I'm just a walking alarm clock. Maybe that's my job.  I don't know.  I just know that I let my gut guide me as much as possible.

We all have a job to do here.  Wayshowers light the way.  There is no greater light than truth in my opinion.


Minesweeping for Truthers

“Being the change we want to see in the world” is first and foremost. Our lifestyles, disengagement from the matrix and raising of consciousness being paramount.
But with that comes activity. We cannot be consciously aware of what’s truly going around us without being prompted and moved to tell others what’s going on and doing something about what’s set before us.
And you never know just what wonderful energy you might be releasing into the fray when someone you affect joins the Awakening.

No Stone Uncovered or Tunnel Unexplored – The Passion for Truth

This expression, “don’t leave one stone uncovered” is a true searcher’s motto. Whether it be forensics, detective work, investigative journalism or literal archeology. This clearly also applies to the passionate alternative researcher’s methodology. Leave no part of the rabbit hole labyrinth unexplored.
Those who experience a genuine wake up go on a personal campaign of truth finding and have their lives so fundamentally altered they’ll never be the same.
And some run with it! I was one, I went ballistic! How could you not try to scream from the housetops what you’ve found out when it’s so vastly profound and all encompassing? Especially when the very lives of those you love and everything on the planet is at stake!
However, many get muzzled. Mostly by themselves, and worries about what others will think, fear of rejection or humiliation. The beauty of a true wake up though is you no longer care what others think in that regard. In fact, you don’t want to convince others so much as get them looking for themselves. But there has to be something that gets them started.

It Just Takes One Spark to Ignite a Bonfire

You never know who you are influencing. At all times. Someone may be watching you from a distance, knowing what you’re about to some degree, and is watching your life transform and whether you live up to what you. Some may be people who argue in your face, even close friends, who appear to reject everything you even start to say. In many cases they may be just testing you while actually thinking a whole lot more about what you’re saying than it appears.
Many are at the end of a mind-blowing email with an eye-opening article or YouTube video that puts them over the top. Some visit a blog that leads to another that leads another and WHAMO! It hits home.
You never know!
It may be someone you discretely stop and point out a heavily criss-crossed chemtrail sky to and the scales fall off their eyes, at least about that subject. I’ve seen it happen. A website and a few key words may set them into a massively changed and charged life of activism!
We never know!

If You Don’t Tell Them, Who Will?

What if the person you get the pull to talk to is getting as close as they’ll get to an awakened person at the time you happen across their path? It happens. There are always ways people can find the Truth for themselves, but what if? What if the comment or gesture you would have made was the nudge that would cause their life to veer in a completely different direction at a point that was just perfectly laid out by Universe?
Sure, there will be other chances, but when?
Especially with a world rushing headlong into a Totalitarian clampdown. Then what chance will we have? The only way to respond is to respond in any way we can. I promise, if you get the boat in motion, the rudder will take effect!

Where’s Waldo?

They’re out there. You and I were out there. Now we’re Here. Home at last in the eternal Now. Others are either still looking, or under a spell. I just want people to know if you look with the eyes of expectancy and yield to that inner voice, you might just help wake up some amazing movers and shakers in addition to the other dear souls that will be ever grateful, each of whom will have a ripple effect as well.
We preach to ourselves a lot in this alternative media, but there’s nothing wrong with it. We get inspired, educated and hence armed for battle, if you will. It’s empowering and we need all the juice we each can get during these times. And it will be increasingly so in the days to come. The wonderful thing is, better than solar or nuclear power, consciousness is infinite and always accessible.
As we learn to tap into the True resources more and more we’re going to be seeing some amazing things in the days to come. When darkness falls, the light of Truth appears to shine all the brighter!

Spontaneous Combustion

The wake up has its own wonderful dynamics which we can’t begin to fully fathom. But we can each do our part to facilitate changes in situations we encounter, or find ways to broadcast the awakening and its loving, enlivening and enlightening vibrations for greater and greater availability.
Seeing someone catch fire with the Truth and the passion of conscious, responsible awareness it engenders is perhaps the most gratifying experience anyone could encounter.
I’ve had 3 one hour conversations with someone staying in the same accommodations I’m currently at and she cannot get enough. She works in one of, if not the biggest defense contractor firms in the world. She’s down to earth and knew something was up, but when we embarked on the journey through the maze one thing leading to another, there was not one place she couldn’t see how what she had been told “ain’t necessarily so”. Yesterday she was on her phone to her daughter, who was at one of our long conversations, telling her daughter to “look up at the sky, the chemtrails are massive today”.
A week ago she never noticed them.
That’s how it works. Where she goes with what she’s now been introduced to, I do not know. But I sure like to imagine. ;)
Keep the Awakening rolling. Look for openings and listen to the nudges.
Minesweeping for Truthers – it’s a blast! Literally.
Love, Zen


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