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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I like Jim Stone.  He doesn't sugar coat things, and he doesn't sensationalize.  He is not absolutely right on everything in here.... but it is well worth reading and thinking about.  Compare some of these facts with the Aurora and Sikh temple shooting.

Connecticut shooting without a doubt a false flag

Jim Stone, 17 December 2012

Through the comments readers sent in, and a little work of my own, the Connecticut shooting has been sewn up in a body bag. It's been shot dead, worse than the Sikh temple shooting, Bengasi, or Aurora, please take the time to go through what is here, it is EXTREMELY important, it's all new, up until the headline THE END. I did not need to do a huge investigation of this to totally wipe it clean, as if God sent me a gift. The best stuff is toward the end, farther down the page but it's all good, including the stuff at the beginning.

I am not able to be online much right now, but these news tips came in through the contact form, and I am posting them, with comments.
"Jim, it's Paul from your forum. This school shooting has pro attack written all over it. The ratio of dead to wounded is way off. 27 or 28 killed and media is not reporting how many others injured. Infowars commenters say from 8-12, but I can't verify those numbers.
Presstv has a report up at the following link about 22kids being stabbed at a school in China. WTF, on the same day as the CT shooting with a similar number of casualties? I don't know the connection, but something is wrong here".
My response:
I have absolutely no doubt this was a professional hit by either the Mossad or some other agency. Wanna know why? Read the next comment!
"Punk had 2 9mm's.....ABC reported .223 shell casings at scene, but Bushmaster was in mom's car.
If true, there was more than one shooter."
My response:
You bet there was more than one shooter, and that is how the main "shooter", THE PATSY ended up dead. .223 is the standard U.S. military round, and the same goes for the IDF. IDF? How about It's Damn Fishy.

Here is another good one, from Paul

"That is NOT the work of a crazed 20yo spraying bullets around for a few minutes like the media depicts, that is a series of precision killshots that would take time. The kill/injured ratio is way off.
I also found out that the social media buzz got started minutes afterwards by a bunch of twitter people whose accounts were only days old. They started calling for gun control and abolishing the 2nd ammendment instantly through an initial network of newly set up accounts. Search for calloutjoe's wordpress blog to see examples of how this is done.
This is without a doubt a planned event."
My comment:
Paul came up with a clue, for anyone who does not realize this yet - Any time you get new twitter accounts rattling off for a gun ban, the entire thing is a setup. The reason why is because people tend to be proud of who they are on places like twitter, and they will keep their current accounts and blab and brag about how great they are because they hate guns. No one genuine would have shown up new on twitter with a new account over this.
I did not check yet, but I'd bet that every one of those kids also now has a facebook page in their honor, another key indicator of a government hit job.
And by the way, the prez made me puke when I saw the fakery, I have been sick for days now over it!

Take a look at this one!

"Im not sure if you know this, but the name of the school the 12/14 shooting happened in is Sandy Hook. When I saw the name I knew the shooting just had to be orchestrated. Seems too coincedental to me that a school with nearly the same name as a haarp'd up storm would have the worst mass shooting in American history."
My comment:
Really good connection here, just like a "holmes" shot up the theater, and the Sikh temple shooter lived on Holmes Avenue. The elite do play games like this, it's the same as the number games, 3/11, 4/11, 9/11. And this time, it was Sandy the hurricane, and a "Sandy Hook", Yep, they want us to take the bait, get "hooked" by their B.S. false flag, and give up the last thing we have providing a barrier between us and the fema camps, our guns. And if you think "they" are not capable of this kind of behavior, remember, "they" killed over 40 million in the Ukraine and millions elsewhere, most recently in Iraq. If they can drone strike a wedding, they can shoot up kindergarten just as easily.

And now, it's time to spring THE BIG ONE, AND HANG THEM.

First, I will start with this comment.
"I am searching but I can't find pictures from inside the school building... the actual scenes... This makes me think of the Aurora shooting. Of course I am an amateur and therefore this fact may not be important at all."
I was given the excuse that with the Aurora shooting and the Sikh temple shooting, that pictures were not released because they would interfere with court cases. BUT WITH A DEAD SHOOTER, THERE WILL BE NO COURT CASE. So tell me, ELITE SCAMMERS, FALSE FLAGGERS, DOG WAGGERS, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES?
You had no troubles airing the beheadings during the Iraq war, or the abu ghraib photos, and you have no troubles doing special effects of people being shot to pieces in PG-13 movies, so WHY NO PICTURES OF A SHOT UP SCHOOL, Think we can't handle it? Or is the problem that there really was no shooting at all, and therefore you have no photos to show for it? Is this really all a load of B.S.?
A dead shooter means you won't have a court case, where a girl will come forward with a story of the police shooting her and ordering her to say Holmes did it, to avoid getting arrested for something else. Could not have a blunder like THAT again, could you? Obviously you will not, with no court case! Takes a while to learn how to put the polish on a scam I guess. And THAT is what I waited to say. Too much time has passed now, they can't say the pictures are forthcoming.
Here is a nice slam dunk, sent in by K.J.
"I found different aerial pictures from different buildings but all stating it's the same school in Newtown Connecticut...
Here's one:
And here's another:
Finally there's this:
A former school board official in Newtown called into question earlier reports that Nancy Lanza had been connected to Sandy Hook Elementary School, possibly as part of the teaching staff.
“No one has heard of her,” said Lillian Bittman, who served on the local school board until 2011. “Teachers don’t know her.”
My comment - Ha ha ha ha ha! That is exactly the type of thing I look for, it's as damning as Jessica Ghawi's tweets! Good job!


I just found out in the Youtube comments that a map of the region which had the Sandy Hook elementary school was used in the bat man movie that was playing in Aurora during that other "shooting" so I googled it. This region, which contains the Sandy Hook elementary school was used as a map to represent a portion of the city of Gotham during a setup of one of the bad guy's dirty deeds in that movie. It's true.
You cannot find the accurate link to this in the Youtube comments, you have to google it. It is linked below.

This is the be all end all bombshell. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS LINK! THEY HAVE BEEN NAILED.

A reader with a popular radio program sent me this:
"I am troubled by some of these shootings -- how come we never hear about the lives of all the victims weeks after? Already I am hearing rumors of photos of the school shooting victims seen as actors, and that the father of the alleged shooter was scheduled to testify aginst the Cabal the way James Holmes' father was...if any of this is true, how the hell do they get away with it?"
My comment -
They don't get away with it. They get caught every time. But the problem is "they" own the media and our government, so they can lie to the public while skirting accountability from law enforcement. Our system has failed. It is not rounding up the real criminals. And when a system fails to that extent, the public has to take action independently and round these people up. That is what the word "revolution" really means, to revolve out of corruption by force. This won't change, there will be no accountability for these criminals until people force it. When the same people who are hurting you are the ones writing the laws, revolution is the only choice or you absolutely will be destroyed by them. And that is precisely why these criminals are pushing for a gun ban, to reduce the amount of force the law abiding people can exert. Wait too long, and they will succeed in destroying us.
Final topic in messages sent:
"Would you consider leaving the forum up in a read-only mode with no postings allowed? I have not read all of the info on it yet and that info is too valuable to be lost."
My comment - The forum is supposed to still be up in read only mode, and the moderators can still post and do everything. They are aware of the dangers. I suspended the forum because I know for certain that with over a thousand log ins a day and only 7 comments, that it is hijacked pure and simple. I can't let my readers get funneled into some damn intelligence agency owned server. I won't allow it. So it's better to just suspend the forum rather than see people walk into a trap I have no control over.

The end

I will post more when I get it. Thanks for keeping me up to date, and making it easy to find that gotham map. Damming it is, yes yes indeed.

Connecticut updates

Here is a good one
Peter wrote: "The thing that I find to be the most questionable about the Connecticut "incident" is that the School District has no website. It has a URL ( ) but no web page for the schools...or district to pay for school meals et c."
My response:
Remember, there are only a few in this tribe, and their resources are too thin to cover the details. Either that or they are so sure we will just flip over with every new lie that they do not care to.
Janine wrote:
"I myself raised the issue with the lack of pictures of the recent CT "shooting" and I was saying that the children may not be dead at all (it is possible, they maybe now in MK Ultra programs alive). Yet I get called "sick" and having "digusting" ideas.
This whole thing stinks to high hell and if they are to attack again, they seem to like the number 3, look for place names on the Batman map. I did some research myself on the Dunblane shooting (similar set up) and Lockerbie and it is quite linked.
I would love to get hold of a US/UK map so we can do points from Lockerbie (which gave me the creeps when I went throught there one time on the train), Dunblane and SH. If I am to be right, ANYTHING planned by the "ellite" (no words can convey these "things") there should be a triangle or some other sort of geometric shape to the 3 points."
My response:
They definitely use symbolism and the bat man map could easily be made to serve such a purpose, we know for sure now that it served for at least one.
Forum member Glitch wrote:
Glitch from the forums: There was also a hole in their story, where they couldn't get the death of the guy's supposed mom/ supposed substitute teacher right. Some propaganda fronts were saying she died in the school, some places are saying that he killed her at home, and then went and shot up the school. The motivations are also wrong, I highly doubt that he is going to kill his mom at home before he goes and shoots up the school, it doesn't make sense, and it ties back into them not getting their stories straight. If he had killed her at home, it would have been confirmed so, but it's not. You also have the case of the identity being messed up with his brother. They won't release the name of the guy to the public until they know without a doubt what his name is. It's too easy to grab someone else's ID and frame them.
My response:
Many people had their eyes opened by the flaws in the bat man shooting, and they kept them open for this one and we can be thankful for that. It is going to take a higher skill level for them to fool us now, now that people are onto the wag the school shooting (unless the victims happen to be an ethnic minority). Thanks for that comment.
Forum member DonQuijote sent the following:
My comment - Probably an Israeli missile and subsequent propaganda campaign. Same perps.
Donna sent me something so telling I almost hurt myself with the initial burst of chuckling:
"Another thing has come to mind and I present my hypothesis to you:
IF the news feeds (even so called live) were a Wag The Dog situation, then the weather and sun direction at the time would be an indicator of when the event really occurred...
Have you noticed on all the pictures and videos how long the shadows are?
If this happened at 9 am as is claimed and the cops were there right away, why does it seem as though it is either very early in the morning or very late in the afternoon?
I have been looking through clips of weather for that day, and it just struck me as irrefutable ~ you can't control the sun and weather...
An idea anyway for what it is worth... Best regards, D"
My response:
What a great observation. If this was real, the shadows would have indeed been different. This was probably the 7AM late for coffee show.


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