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Friday, 21 December 2012

Join us tomorrow on "Wake up Shift is Happening" Radio show

Hi everyone!  If you can, join us today for the radio show we will be doing at 1:30pm est- Deb, Hope, Carrol and I, and our wonderful Sherrie in the background holding us together.

One of the things we will be discussing is the "Christ" Consciousness and I will be talking about my hesitations with the use of the word Christ, and the use of words of the old paradigm being used in the new.   After talking this morning with both Hope and Deb on this topic, we think that it's an important discussion to have as I'm sure many many people also might resonate with this conversation.

As usual, the show will be available to listen to afterwards and I will post links.

The energy today has been incredible so far in our house- highs and lows of massive proportions and my kids have been tossed around by the waves.  So during the show, I will be in and out as I will no doubt have to deal with more tears and more negative energies as they pass by.... you might even meet my littlest man as he's been needing a lot of mommy time and love today.

Looking forward to talking to you all in a little over an hour!

Sending you all lots of light

Join us for a Radio Broadcast on Dec. 21

Friday December 21st 1:30 PM EST
Wake Up…Shift Is Happening! Day 21 BOLU Christ-Mass Consciousness I AM Activation
It’s Time…We are calling forth 333 Beings of Light (to Unite) to be present and accounted for…It’s Time…
It’s Time…To Awaken, To Remember, To ACTIVATE the Christ Consciousness of the I AM Presence as 333 Beings BE the conduits and proxies for a New Humanity Divine Blueprint to come forth.
Many things are coming to a tipping point, to a head.  The energies have been increasing, chaotic, unnerving, relentless, roller coaster and what else is there to say?
Deborah Pietsch will be joined by Power Beings of Light Gal Pals HopeGirl, “D” of Removing the Shackles and Carrol of  FB Group No Holds Barred, as we anchor, activate and celebrate the closing of many cycles AND prepare to Activate the New Beginnings energies of 12/22/12
1st hour and half: Open roundtable for sharing and Callers
Final 30 minutes: “Tuning In to St. Germain & Master Jesus for Beings of Light ~ CHRIST – “Mass Consciousness” ACTIVATION.
As the energies increase – everyone is being given the opportunity to activate the alchemical transformational process that is available to further uplevel your energy field and Light Body.
The Christ Consciousness of the “I AM Presence” is fully anchoring during this Winter Soltice, end of many cycles and beginning of new ages, the Age of Aquarius, The Golden Age and The Age of I AM LOVE.
We are in this together.  We are here to further anchor and activate this time with you…we look forward to being together on this amazing day, December 21st 2012.

With Love, Gratitude & Light,
Deb, D, HopeGirl, Carrol and assisted by Sherrie


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