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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

This will be just a short post - sort of a teaser, if you will, to the main article that I need to write as it's knocking on my head.

I have spoken to Heather from The People's Trust twice today for extended periods of time, and I will most likely be talking to her again in a little while.  We have only just scratched the surface.

Heather and The People's Trust are the real deal.

The People's Trust does not negate the St Germaine trust, the Wanta money, the World Global Settlements, the global collateral accounts or any other funds- it has safe guarded it all for the people of Earth.

I have a brain that is spiralling in a vortex of unbelievable speed and is trying to get all the pieces put into place, but holy shit, I'm almost overwhelmed with what I've learned today- not just from Heather, but from my own higher consciousness.

.... it has been pointed out to me that I have a role to play in this.  Now I just have to figure out (or remember) what that role is.

I Will be talking to Heather again in a short while, along with AK and Brian and Kauilapele. More to come later tonight my friends!


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