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Friday, 14 December 2012

I am going to tell you this:  WATCH THIS STORY UNFOLD- WATCH IT VERY VERY CLOSELY!!!!  I guarantee that the diggers will uncover the false story here.  This is a distraction. The Cabal are trying to distract the media and the public from what is about to happen, if not use this as yet another delaying tactic to try and stop the inevitable.

This article out of the UK clearly says that there was a second shooter- will the media in the US follow that up?  Or will this second shooter vanish from the story, just like the second shooter in the Sikh temple shooting a few months ago.

Please watch this story unfold very closely.  There is an agenda at play here.

...and please, send positive vibrations and light to these families and children who have been so traumatised by this horrific event.  The people responsible for this need to be brought to justice.

I will continue adding info to this at the bottom of the page.

Connecticut school shooting: 'Children among 27 dead' at Newton elementary school

At least 27 people, including children, have reportedly been killed after at least one gunman opened fire at an elementary school in Newton, Connecticut this morning.

edited 12/14/12 2:22pm est to add this comment posted by J:

Agreed. My first thought was something was amiss. The news went from only the Principle being killed, to the shooter being killed, to 27 being killed! Then they said only 3 ambulances were called and 1st responders were told to hang back because they weren't needed... Something is very wrong here. I would imagine this is the death throes of the Cabal. Also the supposed shooter is 20 years old with and a parent of a child there. If he's that young I can only imagine mind control. I want the truth, and I don't want it to be suppressed. Please let the Event happen fast...we need it now.

edited 12/14/12 2:34 pm est to add this video- pay attention to the 42 second mark
"Police have one person in custody..."

 This youtube video of news coverage has a ticker stating 2 hand guns found:

yet this article states that the gunman used two guns, used a rifle and shot over 100 rounds

The person behind the shooting apparently had two guns, someone with knowledge of the shooting told The Associated Press. Unconfirmed media reports say the suspect fired about 100 bullets.
A law enforcement official in Washington said the attacker was a 20-year-old man with ties to the school and that one of the guns was a .223-calibre rifle. A local police source said the gunman is dead, but provided no further details.

This video is of police searching the forest:

This video (above)  is raw footage of the first press conference with the Govenor's Aide and a state policeman- no numbers of fatalities were given, only one shooter is spoken of, no mention of type of guns or amount of gunfire/shots.

edited 12/14/12 2:57 pm est to add:

Interview with child from the school describing the  shots as "Loud Booms" - I've now read several articles where children described hearing "Booms"  ... hand guns don't make booms, rifles make booms.


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