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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I received this email this morning- another BE'ing who is thinking outside the box.  I love these emails that I am receiving. Each and Every idea is one born of heart and DO'ing - people thinking and BE'ing.

Hi “D”
In regard to your and heathers comments on the show “freedomreigns” the other night, I think I suddenly understand “some” of this and I thank you and Heather and the all the others involved. Next time you speak to her let her know that she will never know the amount of hope she has given us.

I have been giving a great deal of thought on this issue, and whichever way I look at it, it doesn’t matter if there is everyone with no money, or everyone has a billion dollars in the bank, because essentially the end results are the same, at one end, no one has any money and cant get hold of it---
so it becomes essentially worthless,
and if everyone has billions then---there is so much about that again
it becomes worthless.

In any community where there is a reward system or a credit system of any kind, there will always be those that “have” and those that “don’t”, there will always be some who use deceptive means to acquire credits they should not have, and there will always be those who for some reason or another cannot get enough credits to live a comfortable life (which is what everyone is entitled to), those who hoard the credits or value points in any system invariably rise from the herd to become the “alpha’s” which is the basis of the whole banking and monitory systems since inception many thousands of years ago, and has brought us to this “NOW” point where the very few have almost all the wealth and credits and live a life of extreme luxury and affluence, whilst the rest of us struggle, cant afford heating, food, or doctors fee’s, in short  a re-run of the French revolution.

But this system need not be, there is another way, without any score-keeping (so no one can cheat) no physical credits (so no one can hoard them) and no accounting so theft and fraud cannot exist, so I would like to take you to the next step, which is that we all are equal, we all do what we can to survive, but the government and banks make it impossible to work without some kind of Identification to conduct business or survive outside, or on the fringe of society, I know I have tried, at some point you always come to a roadblock, needing to drive somewhere, having no I D is not good, so lets take a stroll through this new  (actually “very old”) system.

Firstly , we pass the gas station on the way into town, people fill there cars, say good morning, grab a coffee, and a pack of cigarettes get back in their cars and off they go to work, there are no prices on the pumps, there is no cash register,  the shelves are stocked as in any other gas station, it is a true convenience store, and its run by Mr. Phelps, who has been running it for decades, no transaction has taken place, it is simply supplying to the people what they want it to, so who pays for the stock, this is where the cvac’s should come in, they set in place simple agreements without digital quotas or amounts that they will provide through their networks all the things that the oil field and its refinery and distribution systems and its employees need,, but because there is “no profit” to be gained--- therefore there can also be “no loss”, the drillers get what they want and with no personal restrictions or limits, (limits lead to shortages and hoarding for gain), and keep the oil flowing, this goes for all power producers, steel and construction industries, in fact all manufacturing  becomes interdependent on one another, take away the profit and you take away the greed, but you don’t take away the innovation  and quality of the job.

Lets say for example that I have a factory that makes things out of steel, I need steel sheet, so I contact the steel stock holders and order 3 sheets of steel for a job, I do not have to provide anything other than my address to the company and that is so they know where to deliver it, I have 3 guys that work with me, and between us we create a steel box,  this box is going to be delivered to and used as  a storm shelter  by a family who live in tornado ally, so we order the steel, gas, welding wire, and build it for them and phone up a trucking company and arrange delivery to them 3 states away, and it gets delivered,  and a no point is a question of “cost” asked.

ok I know your first question is:
 why do you build it for them for nothing?

My answer is
because I can, its my way of giving back, I take from the community of man, so I owe a debt, not a monetary kind but a moral kind, because I go to the local food store and get a weeks groceries, I fill up my car, and have a night out at the local bar, my kids go to school and the teachers give them an education, they give themselves for me and my family, so I give to others in the same way, the school teachers husband works in a car factory, its not a job he likes but he does it because he knows that without him producing cars for people to drive they could not go to work to produce the things that he needs or wants, food, clothes, t.v etc, and on it goes, but this doesn’t have to be on a local level, it could work on a global level, imagine if the poorest town in Angola suddenly had a Wal-Mart type shop, where the people could just walk in and get food as we do, with no payment of any kind, why? Because the ships that bring iron ore from Africa return full of food, not for payment, but because that’s where it needs to go, you see the removal of trade tariffs and taxes and profits allow such movements internationally,  there would be no borders as free movement would be common, we would all truly be one people, helping each other on a global scale.

Ok your next question is
What about those who don’t want to contribute, and just sit around all day drinking and having a good old time.

My answer is
So be it, if that’s what they want to do, then fine, let them be that way, it is no crime, but of all the people I have met very few actually do nothing, everyone has something to give, and when they want to give it, it will be of their own good time and place, they have to find something that interests them, if booze and drugs and bikes are their thing then they are free to indulge so long as they don’t harm any other individual, there are no restrictions on drink, drugs or any other product, you see if you take out the “profit” from drugs alcohol and other illegal substances then the market collapses, especially if there is no money to exchange for it, it’s a case of education, not about locking them up,  some of the nicest people I have met are those that decided to give up on drug use, but that is their choice, the best way is to educate the kids that there is a better way, besides which most of the people I know  turned to drugs because they literally had a shitty life, and turned to drugs as an escape from the poverty and corruption that they saw all around them, remove the poverty and you remove the cause of despair.

Next question:
What is the down side of this utopia

My answer is that
The only people who would be at a loss, are those in the banking/ currency and political systems, which essentially are the same business, without bankers politics would remove its appeal except to those who are elected and actually make things better for the electorate, and those politicians could not gain anything by being in office, accountants would find new ways to account, mainly for materials and logistics, gambling etct would be as always, some people will always find something to bet with, sports will return to “for the love of the sport” no financial incentives to cheat,  and again if you can just walk in to a shop whenever you want and just pick up a quick snack and a drink, you always have that thought in the back of your mind, that what I am consuming is the product that has been made by some other person working on an assembly line somewhere in the world so that I can enjoy it, so its my moral obligation to produce something to make them be able to walk in a similar store in their town and do the same!  That is true equality!

It’s a paradigm shift in thoughts and deeds, and its going global, remove money or credits of any kind, and you remove poverty!

As always “D” love your site and posts, keep up the good work


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