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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Good morning my friends!

As you may of noticed, RTS is now being fully moderated for the comments.  I will no longer allow the Shills and Trolls to use this community as a platform for their negativity and fear monguring. I need to thank American Kabuki for helping me see that clearly. As I have always said, I value freedom of speech and will always allow those comments that disagree with an article or with my opinion - as long as they are reasonable and respectful and open to discussion.

.... the Shills and Trolls are not happy about this- I've already deleted 2 death threats and one comment where the "person" threatened to beat the shit out of me.   To you people: get a life.  I have ZERO fear of you or your ilk. (and I'm well trained my friend,  so pardon my 3D moment but you need to get a bigger stick).

You can still listen to the show from last night HERE  and my merry friend is working on the Transcription so that we can post that for our non-english speaking friends to run through google translate (we also have a wonderful group fully translating all of the RTS articles into German as well!).

There were a lot of questions posted last night and I've done my best to answer most of them- I'll C&P them here though to that they don't get buried under a mountain of other comments.

I also want to reiterate what very very soon everything will be made clear.  The UCC filings and the CVACs are working their way "through the system" as we speak.  They WILL be enforced.  This is what the Cabal (and all it's faces) don't understand- Boehner can make his snide comments that it can't be enforced.... but he's about to find out differently.  Sorry guy, you should of made a different choice, eh?  Half of the freaking out in Washington is because on some level of understanding these people KNOW what choice they made and what the consequences of their final choice will be.

As I have been saying in the RTS skype room:  Hold the light my friends!!!

Oh and one final thing- a couple of wonderful people are working on a new RTS site for us!!  Off of blogger and all the problems we've had with them and completely controlled by us!  Included will be a forum and a chat so that conversations can continue in a much easier fashion, lol. I can't wait to have it up and running !! :>D


I appreciate your honesty D and it was what I was stating here for some time. The recent BS info about everything from Rv, PP ect. is ALL cabal disinfo.
  1. Not disinfo- they truly were and are preparing to go through with this..... but yes, it's a cabal driven "changing of the guard" act that they are trying to use to placate the masses. they are still TRYING to put it through.

  • Changing of the guard as in the Neil Keenan suit? Which changing of which guard do you mean?
  • hi Jordan- changing of the guard as in which Cabal is in charge. Get rid of these guys over here- everyone cheer and shout, when in reality the new system is being controlled by another face of the Cabal over there.

    .... there is a War within the various factions of the Cabal for control- there always has been, hence the Texas Cabal fighting with the Rothchilds over who has power. Enter the next faction..... and they are in control of what's happening with the "new financial system"

  • darnet d.

    esp when you yourself reported that you knew of people who had received!!

    so now wtf?

    we deserve more info than just "oh well"..."I should have listened to my higher self."
    come on girlfriend!
    now what would make us believe the oppt now?....
    please tell us why we should believe in your intel now?

    I have been so feeling sooo let down.
    I'll get up.
    Just don't feel like it right now.

    1. Moi- several PPs HAVE been delivered. They've been delivering them a few at a time for over two months now as they test their system and the delivery etc.... the intel stands true. All of it. What has changed is the interpretation of WHO is behind NESARA and the RV etc......

    D, we need you to tell us more and share the information. This will help us focus our energies. We are slightly confused right now and don't know where to go from here. UCC is still over the top of my head at the moment and 21st seemingly turned out to be dud on the surface. What is going on ?

    Love and light to you. Hopefully very very soon, you can dish out more.

    1. I will be doing exactly that AJ. I'm hoping to do another recording tomorrow (let's see if I can actually get it to work this time, lol) and I will be putting out as much info as I can as soon as I have it. The People's Trust will also have more info for everyone very very soon.

    OK let me just say this...It supposedly* took what, 140 to 200,000 years for us to get to our current state? Right? And 'they' supposedly* began fixing these problems in the 1970's? Right? Now I could be wrong(probably am)so far and if so, please correct me. But how in the hell are these problems just going to go away on this day or that, it has to be a process. All healing takes time, that I do know for sure. And I feel the healing has begun. So pucker up buttercups its all going to be OK just remember to breathe and drink plenty of water.

    BE well and BE aware,

    * dates very depending on source.
    1. exceptionally well said my friend nathan!

    So the RV is not going to happen at all? If that is the case people are going to be utterly devastated in the worst ways. My heart aches for all of them.
    1. We wait and see.

      If the cabal- which ever face it's wearing- is in control of it, then you can guarantee that any money generated from the "RV" would very quickly disappear back into the coffers of the controllers.

      This is part of what I said last night: The people who REALLY control the Funds, will not allow them to be released if the Cabal is still in control. That money if FOR THE PEOPLE. and they will not allow it to be stolen by ANY faction of the Cabal.

    just go to the link and listen to it. It's not live now but the audio is there.

    More than 200 comments? near the bottom there will be a Load More somewhere around the reply box and click it and comments after 200 no matter what their timestamp, will be loaded in their appropriate reply locations.

    In other words, if the posts are greater than 200 and you post and don't see your reply, go to the bottom, click Load More and you'll see your replay and probably many more.

    D's Intel lied, or stringed D alone. Who knows what the intentions were. The scenario reminds me of the children's story The Grinch that Stole Christmas.

    The Grinch dressed up as Santa Claus and instead of leaving toys on Christmas Night, he stole every toy, every ornament, ever tree and even the milk and cookies left our for Santa.

    Christmas morning he listened from his perch and waited for the people of Who-ville to wake up and moan and groan and complain about everything that was taken away from them.

    The people of Who-ville knew it was just 'stuff'. Yes they'd like to have it, but together as a group they were all denied the same thing. They were denied the Christmas they had worked and planned for, but they had each other and the shared experience and Love.

    This site is like Who-ville. We know what was taken from us. All of us are denied what we have worked for and planned for and we are all having a shared experience and Love.

    The Grinch experienced that Love, and his heart grew larger. He returned the stolen things but he found that instead of being judged for what WAS done, he was accepted in the NOW for what he Does Now; returning items and needing forgiveness.

    I have nothing but Love for D. The people who have misled her have their own Karma and are revealed for who they have served.

    We are not 'just' here for the 'intel'. We are here for the collective experience.

    Love to all who respond.
    1. Oh my friend!!!! You are so wonderful!!! Yes, the Grinch! Do you know that Heather has been talking about the Grinch for days now?!? :>D I love Synchronicity!!!!

      the Grinch tried to steal the things that he thought Christmas was all about- he stole the physical aspects of it, the monetary/money based things: presents, decorations, food etc.... he thought that by stealing all these things that he could/would ruin "Christmas".... but when he stood back and watched, the people loved and sang in joy ANYWAY! and He realized that the "spirit of christmas" didnt' come from a store:

      "He puzzled and puzzed till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. Maybe Christmas, he thought... doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps... means a little bit more!"

      and then his heart grew three sizes that day.

      The Grinch is an excellent analogy for what we are going through right now :>) Thank you my friend!!!

    From what I heard on the show, it appears there will be no interim Government because that was called for under NESARA, which D now says was usurped and changed and it was changed in a way that would put us back in the same position (I guess she means back as slaves) in about 3 years. So essentially The One Peoples Trust stopped NESARA and all the other funds from being rolled out until the Dark are totally out of control. That would include the RV of the Iraqi Dinar, as well.
    I am trying to be happy that this is for the good of us all, but as a person who is going through foreclosure, I so wanted the debt forgiveness that NESARA would bring. I am also a Dinar holder and that would help me save my home. Now they are both on hold until the Dark are completely out of power........ All I can say is it looks like we will be struggling for a while longer.... Some people can afford to wait, but I am not one of them.
    1. But debt forgiveness under the control of the Cabal would not be true debt forgiveness. This is the point. Under their system of control, it would look all shiny and bright on the surface- like a beautifully wrapped present.... but when you opened it, the box inside would be empty. These people don't give out money without some plan to get it all back plus more.

      the OPPT UCC filings have stopped them dead in their tracks. They cannot go forward- because they know that their system has been completely foreclosed on. and now they don't have the money they needed to put their shiny new system forward. As I said, those that really have the control of the money in the various funds KNOW what these people were trying to pull, and they will NOT release that money to the cabal. That is for OUR benefit. because all that gold is OURS- the people of this planet.

      Right now washington and several other places are filled with very frustrated people- frustrated and freaked out. They are fucked. and they know it.

    I am really trying to understand what this is all about.
    Has the People's Trust actually stopped NESARA, the PPs, the return to our Republic form of Government and the new Financial System?
    If so, why?

    If this is all to be reduced down to: 'I am free' then why on the blog radio was that man talking about 'having things for people to do'? If I am free, I will decide what I will do; how I will think; who I will listen to...or not listen to. No one else gets to decide those things for me. (In fact, I AM free and this is already true for me. Thus the People's Trust cannot give me my freedom because it doesn't own it anymore than the Cabal does. I own my own freedom because it IS me.

    If I let someone else (the People's Trust?) tell me what to do, then I have engaged in re-implementing the very essence of the misery under which we now labor, have I not? What am I missing here?

    I wish that someone would put forth the purpose of the People's Trust in a couple of paragraphs at most. And it should begin with a single sentence that speaks the whole of it. Words are indeed important. Let us hear some that 'boil' this 'field of grapes' down to the 'wine'.

    Thank you.
    And most sincerely,
    Eira Hana
    1. my friend- The People's Trust is not telling anyone to do anything. They are telling us that we are free- free to DO and to BE. What each person chooses to DO and BE is their own choice and can only come from their hearts in true freedom.

      A simple statement: The corporate Governments and all their agencies have been foreclosed upon. they have no power and no ability to take that power back that they have lost. You are FREE BEINGS - free to BE and DO. Now it's up to us to decide who we BE and what we want to DO.

    Still listening to the radio blog.
    Please tell us succinctly, what is it that you want to go viral?

    What is it that we are 'OPPTing' in to?

    You keep talking about slogans, but nobody is telling us simply what this is about. this about: Everybody simply deciding to live like they are free? Because whatever we focus on we make stronger?

    If that is it, please, please, somebody say so.

    Thank you.

    1. "Everybody simply deciding to live like they are free? Because whatever we focus on we make stronger? "



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