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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Good evening everyone of you wonderful people :>D

I'm just popping in to say "HI" and to give another platform for comments as we are currently at around 190 on the article I published this morning.  Once we hit 200 comments I can no longer reply on the rest of them, and it becomes a serious pain in the ass for any one to read them as they have to keep "loading more" comments.

I have read every single comment made today and I've tried to respond to at least some of them, lol, but it really is impossible to keep up with you guys :>)   As I have said a few times now, I know that some (all) of you have questions, and there will be much more information and it will become much clearer very .... (yes, the dreaded word).... soon.  I can't and won't give a timeline of when, because I truthfully do not know exactly when except it should be "soon". (and believe me, I'm axing that word from my vocabulary as "soon" as possible!).

I do not have all the information right now or all the answers and I am not going to play guessing games with something as important as these topics.  If I don't have a solid answer (or I can't answer at this moment) then I won't give one. Sorry, that's just the way it is for the moment.

I also wanted to say that since the initial backlash when I first went to full moderation, the Trolls and Shills seem to of given up.  I've deleted exactly 3 comments all day today- one was deliberate spam, one used language that even I won't use and I've got a mouth like a trucker with tourettes, and the other one was just the usual side show shill who obviously didn't  get the notice from the boss not to bother with RTS any more 'cause it's now on lockdown alert.

Have a great evening my friends and hopefully I can respond to a few more comments tonight before I fall into a coma.


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